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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Reliance Jio NEWS Today || Reliance Jio NEWS Update || Reliance Jio Latest News Updates

Reliance Jio NEWS Today

Reliance Jio calls customers using 7GB data every month

Reliance Jio NEWS Today The feature phones are not meant for much of the Internet, but Geo Phone has completely changed this assumption. The number of live phone subscribers in the year 2017 has crossed 25 million, while there are a total of 50 million feature phone users in India.

Reliance Jio NEWS Today Reliance is also serious about the customers of Geo Phone and the company is giving new updates in this episode. Now after an update on August 15, 2018, there will be apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, and YouTube in the Geo Phone.

Reliance Jio NEWS Today According to Anshuman Thakur, Chief of Strategy and Plan of Reliance Geo Infocom Limited, a Geo Phone user uses about 7 GB of data every month, which is quite shocking because one of the features of this feature is to use a lot of data The big deal.

Reliance Jio NEWS Today In the Bloomberg report, Anshuman Thakur has been told that the customers of the Geo Phone use the Internet for around 8 hours every day. Also, all GEO customers spend an average of 10 GB of data every month. At the same time it is being speculated that after the update on August 15, it will increase further.

Reliance Jio NEWS Today Significantly, Geo has recently introduced a Geo-monsoon ruckus offer, under which any company's old feature and Rs 501 is being given a geophone of Rs 1,500, although while charging the phone, you will have to pay Rs 1,095. Data and Unlimited Calling plans for 6 months of 594 rupees will get.

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