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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Apple launches a repair program for the iPhone 7 'No service' issue

Apple launches a repair program for the iPhone 7 'No service' issue

Apple has launched a repair program for the iPhone 7 devices, which are affected by any problem that causes some of them to display "no service" in the status bar, even if cellular coverage is available. The issue originally viewed by some users after the launch of iPhone 7 in September 2016 mainly comes into focus when users turn off airplane mode on affected devices. The company says that the problem is on the surface due to a component which failed on the main logic board.

In a support page, Apple mentions that he set a hardware-focused issue on "small percentage" of iPhone 7 devices built between September 2016 and February 2018. The affected units were sold to some extent in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, and America. In addition, especially affected model numbers from this issue include A1660 and A1780 in China, A1660 in Macao, and US (including Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands) and Japan A779 in Japan.

If your iPhone 7 has a model number specified by Apple in Apple iPhone, which you can see behind the device, then you can choose to repair the free device from the company by following the instructions given on the Apple website. It is recommended to backup your iPhone before taking it for service.

Customers who have already paid for repairs may be eligible for reimbursement. Apple will also contact customers through email, who have paid for repairs related to "no service" issue to arrange reimbursement. This process will go to the end of March 2018, and even when it is closed, customers can contact the Apple to request compensation for paid money in the repair of affected iPhone 7.

Specifically, the repair program has only been opened for the iPhone 7 and it is subject to pre-examination by Apple to verify whether the special iPhone model is affected by this issue and is eligible for repairs. The company has also specified on its support page that any device which reduces the ability to complete the repair process like crack screen, with any damage, will need to be addressed before going to "no service"fix. It may include costs related to additional repairs, which will only be taken from the client side. Apart from this, Apple has clearly written on its support page that the new program does not extend the standard warranty coverage of the iPhone 7, although it covers the affected model for two years after the first retail sale of the handset.

You can contact an authorized Apple Service Provisioning, go to an Apple retail store, or access the Apple support to issue "no service" on your iPhone 7. However, in all cases, the affected iPhone 7 should be sent in Apple repair center for service.

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