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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

The Best Android Emulator in 2018

The Best Android Emulator

The Best Android Emulator

There are several reasons for simulating Android on a PC or Mac. It is often easier to test apps on a desktop than a mobile device, and everyone has an appeal to be able to play a mobile game on a large screen.

Indeed, the most common reason for simulating Android on a desktop computer is gaming, although you can also use the emulator to run an app from the Google Play Store. For example, running an Instagram app in an emulator makes it possible to upload photos from your PC or Mac desktop - which is otherwise impossible.

Keeping this in mind, the best simulation for bringing Android to your desktop

1. BlueStacks App Player Android Emulator

A great emulator that brings Android games to your desktop

The Bluestacks App Player is probably the most famous Android emulator, and given its quality and reliability, it is hardly surprising. BlueStacks is easily designed to be used easily and looks and feels like Android on a tablet or smartphone. Available versions for free and paid are available. Some ads are free and sometimes sponsored apps are included, but they are very intelligent.

BlueStacks is primarily about games and the interface is essentially a front end for downloading and installing them, but it is also possible to go to the Google Play Store and search for other apps.

If you want to add apps and games from other sources, then you have the option to use standalone apk files. The execution is decent enough that your hardware is reasonably powerful, which is a great way of bringing Android to the big screen.

2. Knox Android Emulator

A free emulator that lets you seal the app from outside of Google Play

Like the BlueStacks app player, Knox is a fast, sleek Android emulator for PC and Mac. If you are planning to use Knox for gaming, you will be happy to know that you can use your favorite gamepad, and you have the option of mapping keys or buttons to perform various Android gestures. The emulator is based on Android 4.4.2, which is outdated, but it should not be a problem for most apps.

Knox gives you the stock version of Android, and when it's designed in the mind of gamers, you can also install other apps from the Google Play Store. Knox is totally free, but it includes many great extras accessible from a vertical toolbar on the right side of the window. Here you will find the option to install screenshots and video recording shortcuts, a link to the macro record and an APK software from outside Google Play.

3. Copier Android Emulator

An old Android emulator, but one that lets you run multiple instances

Another Android emulator designed with gaming, Copper has two modes: speed and compatibility. Try the first speed option to maximize game performance, but if you participate in problems, you still have the compatibility option to come back. Cosplayer also has a clean Multi-Manager tool which allows you to run two or more than two simulations of emulator at a time.

Unfortunately, KOPLAYER is a bit hit and miss, and sometimes even in compatibility mode, it crashes. It has not been updated for one year, but if you run it on your hardware, then you are in for a treatment. Despite the focus of the gameplay on Copper, it can also run a wide range of other apps, and many APKs are available to download from its website.

4. Andy Android Emulator

Route it to run Android apps on your desktop, more apps

Based on the VMware player, Andy is an interesting - if bigger - Android emulator; The installation is weighed in a huge 3 GB. Some are optional - and maybe unwanted - additional bundled in the installer, so keep an eye out and reject them.

Then, the primary idea behind Andy is to bring Android gaming to the desktop, and not only is the support for Xbox and PlayStation controllers, but also the option to use your Android phone as a gamepad. Receiving and running the emulator is otherwise more difficult and less intuitive than other tools shown here, and some people may be sufficient to close.

It's a shame because Andy is very impressive and it would be great to make it a bit more accessible. Available for both Mac and Windows, it also gives you the option to route your virtual Android device to run more software.

5. MMU Android Emulator

Easily install Android apps from outside the Google Play Store

This is one of the new Android simulators on the block, but MMU has managed to make a lot of names for itself - and for good reason. Given that its full name is MMU play, it should not come as a surprise - once again - the focus here is on gaming. To get the best performance, it is recommended that you enable virtualization for your CPU. With the support of integrated and dedicated graphics, along with Intel and AMD chips, support levels are great here.

To increase your gaming is a property of keyboard mapping options, and you have the option to install software through the Google Play Store, or by dragging and dropping the APK on the program window.

With Knox, there is a vertical menu that provides access to a range of additional features, and the only real negative aspect of MEMU is that it is based on the elderly Android 5.1.1.

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